About Us

'Clipping Xperts' is a New Delhi based photo retouching company that helps you get the most of your images.
By concentrating on digital tools and techniques, we’re able to provide quality, immediacy, flexibility, and creativity.
We offer all kind of photo retouching services for any type of image. Our services range from small repairs such as red-eye removal and cropping, to a total new, beautiful look to a model (eyes, skin, hair... anything you like to change/enhance!).
We can remove those buildings in the background or put together a photo that was torn in half. You name it - we do it!
Contact us today and start using our fast and friendly service at affordable prices (see our order page for pricing Information).

Photographers, media companies and agencies are our main customers, but we also provide the service to consumers (our portrait photo retouching service can do miracles on any dating/social website), Real Estate brokers, models and anyone who is using certain Images to promote their business.
View our photo retouching portfolio to see what a great results we provide!

While Clipping Xperts is constantly growing and taking on new clients, one element remains the same:
Great customer service. Each customer is treated with the respect and care they deserve. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We also specialize in:
* Web Design/website design
* Photograh

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!

We specialize in:
* Photo Retouching
* Color Correction
* Image Enhancing
* Image Manipulation
* photoshop Elements & effects
* clipping paths
* Removal of un-required back-grounds
* Create black and white, sepia from color

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